The Worlds 10 Most Beautiful Cities at Night

  • The Worlds 10 Most Beautiful Cities at Night

    Guess what? New York didn’t make it.

    Under inky skies dotted with stars, a city can come alive with the glitter of skyscrapers, the thump of activity, and the twinkle of neon signs. If the after-dark skylines of cities call to you, then you’d find this new study by UK-based hotel chain Premier Inn fascinating. The hotel chain researched over 250 cities on Instagram to find the most photographed destinations around the world after sundown.  New York may have topped the list in the US and Canada with 50,000 hashtags, it was number 13 in the world list, while no other American city even cracked the top 20. No surprise here that the world’s top 10 list was dominated by Europe. Ready to explore these beautiful destinations by night? We may have a recommendation or two on what to do there after lights out as well.

    Photo byMarco ChileseonUnsplash

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